Skull Base and Cerebrovascular Laboratory

By creating stereoscopic anatomical models and conducting intricate surgical simulations, the SBCVL is currently at the forefront of developing minimally invasive routes to complex pathologies, and is creating an entirely new way for students, residents, and faculty to experience the relationship between different structures in the brain. 

The UCSF Skull Base & Cerebrovascular laboratory is staffed by world-renowned neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists in the fields of skull base, neuro-oncology, and cerebrovascular surgery. Every year, we welcome talented research fellows, who, with their work and commitment, are the heartbeat of the laboratory’s daily function.

Under the guidance of director Dr. Roberto Rodriguez Rubio, MD, the Skull Base lab has trained dozens of such researchers, from international surgeons and UCSF residents to medical students and undergraduates. 

Since its conception in 2012, the laboratory has produced numerous publications in the most prestigious journals in our field; some of which have re-designed the surgical treatment and approach for specific lesions and provided a sound scientific basis for the optimal practices in operative neurosurgery and otolaryngology.