About Us

Neurosurgery for all - "Doing more with Less"

We believe that it is our privilege to have access to the resources of the laboratory and believe in using that privilege for the greater good. Our goal is to make the knowledge that we uncover and the technology that we develop available to all surgeons and scientists.

Anatomical Education

We seek to provide widespread and easily accessible anatomical education worldwide; we plan to achieve this through our publications, the immersive educational technology that we develop, and through collaborations and international initiatives such as Mission Brain.

Ambassadors to Create Leaders

Our international fellows are trained in a manner that empowers them to return to their home institutions with practical knowledge of cadaveric dissection, volumetric modeling, and a plethora of other skills which they may then utilize in their own department.


Our vision is to push the boundaries of surgical innovation to promote the advancement of neurosurgical techniques and contribute towards technological advancement in the ever-evolving field of Neurosurgery

  • Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery
  • Innovation
  • Technological Advancement

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